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      We did not spend near that on our wedding (in Spring 1999). We did a lot ourselves, bargain hunted, prioritized and had a church wedding and a catered reception. It was terrific!

      Some people think that you have to have some “dream” wedding like you see on the movies. Or “this is the day I have dreamed of for my little girl since her birth” and they go overboard and charge it up to make sure Mommy’s dream (not the daughter = bride’s) comes to fruition. Or, Mommy wants her daughter to have the wedding she wanted (Mommy) and did not get when she got married years ago.

      There are many reasonable ways to have a great wedding and a memorable one without hocking the house, charging up credit cards to the max, etc. Herlean

      Liss wrote: >>When dh & I married in 1994 we spent less than $200 for a full church wedding.I have heard the average wedding now is priced at over $65,000 and Iam in shock.How much did you all spend on your weddings?<< i think the stats out there are a crock of pucky.

      i found a cute site that you can input your zip code and it tells you what the average wedding cost for that zip code is… for the small town in wi that i live in (population is 104 people) that the average wedding cost is $26,510 . That’s completely hilarious considering that the average INCOME for the town is $12,345.

      I know of several weddings in town and I’m willing to bet that not a single 1 of them passed $1,200 in all. For us personally, Our wedding cost less than $500. The most expensive item being the cake.


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