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      Hubby and I got married March 1997 and our wedding total was under $300. Most of that was for the cake.

      We got married in a park (no fee to do so). Had the reception at my Mom’s house. My maid of honor and I put together silk flowers, boquets, etc.

      And, I just served punch, cake, cookies and nuts. Very simple.

      Hubby and I wrote our own vows. And, I made the invitations on the computer. Everyone that was there said it was beautiful.

      Must have done something right, we’ve been happily married for almost 11 years. lol

      the most important thing is to have it like you want!


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      When dh & I married in 1994 we spent less than $200 for a full church wedding.I have heard the average wedding now is priced at over $65,000 and Iam in shock.How much did you all spend on your weddings?

      this is our breakdown –
      church – free – my husband was a pastor and we used his church to marry in

      minister -???

      – my husband’s brother, who is also a minister.

      my husband paid him.

      flowers – free – dh knew everyone in the small town where he lived and preached and these were donated by the florist.

      music – $25 for the organist

      cake and mints- donated by church member who was a professional baker

      punch and other snacks – donated by congregation

      limo – donated by friend of dh’s

      wedding dress – $20 – 1940’s satin and lace with long train – purchased from friend who had bought it for his vintage clothing business, but then realized it would not work for him.

      He said he would give it to me and I told him I would pay him what he paid for it.

      veil – $68 – my mother paid this. I did not want one but she said I needed one.

      wedding shoes – $20. I was going to wear sneakers, but my mom said, “no way!”

      and paid for these. i still wear them as they are very comfortable.

      rehearsal dinner – $100 for 32 people. Held at the only restaurant in town, family style ham and fried chicken and all the trimmings.

      We were given a special price as the owner knew dh.

      i had saved $2500 in the 6 months before we were married and part of that paid for a honeymoon to Key West.

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