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      I would say to make everything that you can! My husband and I reaffirmed our vows for our tenth anniversary, we went to Vegas with our parents when we got married, and it was the most beautiful weddingI just can’t tell you!

      One thing that I would say that is crutial to a budget wedding it to pick a place that really represents you and your fiance. Hubby and I had our at a historichotel (over 100 years old) in Bisbee AZ, which is one of our favorite towns ever! It is such a beautiful hotel even though there are a lot of simple aspects to it.

      The reason I say this represents us well is because he and I are bothVERY sentimental people and have a deep fondness for anything historic or aged (however you want to say it!)and it was also in our favorite town (which again is a very old mining town).

      With picking that historic hotel that really determined what “style” the wedding was going to be “antique” so to speak. We made our own Save the Date’s, invites, “programs” and partyfavors….IboughtHershey’s Symphony candy bars (the have goldwrappers) and made stunning wrappers with my computer and also made a calendar for the following year that had pictures I took of the area that we live in and the made pretty ribbonnameplates and used them for giftsAND placemats. They were a smash hit and I am still being hounded for yearly calendars.

      I bought my dressand my daughter dress (she was my bride’s maid) on Ebay and can you believe it was the exact dress that I had wanted when I went shopping, retail $400.00 paid $80.00 with shipping my daughters was $9.00 with shippping!! Ibought myson and husbands suit on clearence at Macy’s and paid 1/4 of the price.

      I didn’t pay outrages fees for a photographer….got a local from Bisbee who does lots of events and gave my digital camera to my best friend and got Wonderful pictures and paid only $150.00

      In all we spent almost $3000.00 for the wedding and our new bands but my husband surprised my with an incredible new diamond ring that he designed and had made that was on top of that….but that’s another who thing 🙂 We did spend a little more than we wanted to but I really wanted to have a sit down dinner since we had family coming from literally all over the country and I just felt it would be right.

      My best advice would be to remember what your wedding day truly is, you a marrying your life partner and it should be special and memorable to you not necessarily your guests. Don’t go into debt for a huge “all out” no holds barred event that you will be paying for for years to come, it could ruin your marriage before it gets started.

      Just my 2 cents…. Good luck and congrats!

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      i am getting married on oct 18, 2008 any advice

      Liss wrote:

      >>When dh & I married in 1994 we spent less than $200 for a full church wedding.I have heard the average wedding now is priced at over $65,000 and Iam in shock.How much did you all spend on your weddings?<<

      i think the stats out there are a crock of pucky.

      i found a cute site that you can input your zip code and it tells you what the average wedding cost for that zip code is…

      for the small town in wi that i live in (population is 104 people) that the average wedding cost is $26,510 . That’s completely hilarious considering that the average INCOME for the town is $12,345.

      I know of several weddings in town and I’m willing to bet that not a single 1 of them passed $1,200 in all.

      For us personally, Our wedding cost less than $500. The most expensive item being the cake.


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