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      Hi Tawana; Since I got married I have a ton of things

      I would do differently. We had an expensive wedding

      but here’s what I would do if I had to do it again.


      i would make my own wedding invitations. here’s where

      we saved. most people pitch them away any way. all

      they really need are the directions to the church and

      reception. we went to micheal’s and bought beautiful

      invitations that can be put together.

      gifts for guests

      we also bought almond joy and wrapped them in netting

      we purchased at michaels and then twisted the net and

      almond joy around small bottles of wine. we made our

      labels with something catchy ,”love is most refreshing

      drink of all”.


      i made my own bouquet to toss . i also went to

      michaels and made my own garter.

      the knot.com has great ideas about budget weddings too.


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