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      Third time? My first wedding was very elaborate, I spent way too much

      on frills. Lasted 9 yrs. My second husband and I sit down with a

      heart to heart list of what a wedding day really meant to us. My best

      friend found my dress at Rugged Warehouse for $20, I was determined to

      be comfortable and look ‘light and airy’. What time of year are you

      getting married? Friends brought our flowers the morning of the

      wedding. It was so much fun for me, the groom nor I saw our flowers

      til ‘potluck’ the day of the wedding, exciting! They were whatever

      was in bloom in their gardens that morning. Friends did my hair and

      makeup. Friends read devotions, our church pastor did the cermony.

      Our violinist friend arranged beautiful music! Again, we wanted to be

      surprised by his selection. My husband recorded our reception music

      on CDs and a friend played them for us. We had no wedding party. Just

      he and I. We wanted it to be a celebration of our union, so we

      greeted people at the church before the wedding as they came in. It

      was so wonderful! Instead of being a ‘grand entrance’, it was a

      shared welcome of our friends and families. We did no paper programs.

      We did feet washing instead of a unity candle deal, a symbol of our

      service and humblest to each other. Church decor was flower

      arrangements, again done that morning from garden collections. We did

      spend a great amount on rings, an important symbol for us. Groom wore

      nice silk pants that we found on discount many months before the

      wedding, with a nice Honduras silk white shirt with white emboriary

      (sp). Food was done mostly by co-workers, who asked if they could do

      something for us. Since we are in our 40s and 50s, we have all the

      household gifts we could ever wish for, plus a house and properties,

      so when they asked, I told them if could cook if they wanted. With my

      brother’s smoke/grilling skills and supplies, they did steamed whole

      crabs, roasted pork and beef, roasted caribou (someone went hunting I

      guess, lol). My sister-in-law did my husband’s favorite…pies and

      cookies! Our reception was done at a beautiful winery where my

      husband volunteers to do some wine pouring at their tastings. (He is

      an international wine distrib). Facilities for the reception were a

      gift from the owners of the winery. We had friends who did set-up and

      clean up for us. Again, if they asked what we wanted for our wedding

      gift, we asked them if they wanted to help. Linens for the tables

      were borrowed from our church, again, where we are long-term members,

      me since I was an infant. Buffet, dishes, glassware, were all

      borrowed from our church. Flowers again was brought in by friends the

      day of the wedding for the reception. Our biggest wedding expense for

      the reception was beer and wine. Though we got a discount from my

      husband’s work, we still had some money invested in it. We also

      brought the fruit for platters, but the grilled corn and green beans

      were grown in our veg garden. I really didn’t care what we were

      eating at the wedding, I just wanted people to have fun and relax and

      enjoy a party hosted in celebration of our lives and union. It can be

      done frugally. Again, we both spent maga bucks on our first weddings

      and felt we lost touch of what the day really meant! We spent 2 weeks

      in a rented villa/cottage in Italy for our honeymoon instead!

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “pearl197078836”



      > I have been a member it seems forever and only posted a few times


      > now I need help this is our third time each and want a nice wedding


      > cant afford much so any ideas that you come up with for a


      > wedding before he goes back to Irqa would be more than appericated.

      > Thanks Mary


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