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      Re: Budget Meals

      Here is one of our Budget Helper Meals

      Chicken and Rice

      1 can crm. of mushroom soup

      1 can crm. of chicken soup

      1 pky onion soup mix

      2 cups long grain rice, or 2 pkgs of whatevcr rice mix. I have used
      wild rice, or spanish rice. Whatever was in the pantry.

      Chicken parts-any that is still in the freezer, or you can use leftover

      Mix together soups, dry and wet, and rice, then add 2 cups water.

      Pour in covered casserole or small dutch oven, then bury the chicken in
      the liquid.

      Bake for 1hr to 1hr and 15 minutes at 350*

      Serve with Salad, or whatever veggie on hand. Yummy!

      Hope you enjoy!


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