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      Re: : Re: Budget Meals

      I nearly always have $1 a pound ground turkey in the freezer, so I would be able to throw together:
      taco soup,
      a dish affectionately called, in our family, “ramen stuff”,
      tacos &/or tacoritos (flour tortliias with taco fillings),
      macaroni casserole.
      I always have spaghetti & other pastas around. Macaroni with just a can of diced tomatoes & tomato sauce has always been a favorite in our family, since I was a kid.

      French toast

      Grilled cheese sandwiches

      Ramen Stuff (serves 8)

      2 pounds ground turkey
      2 C water
      4 packages of chicken or beef flavored ramen noodles
      Frozen veggies

      In a large skillet or dutch oven, brown the ground turkey until done. Take the meat out of the pan, set it aside (keep it warm)& remove any grease. In the same pan, bring the water & the contents of seasoning packets to a boil.

      Add the noodles &the frozen veggies.
      Cook until the water is almost boiled away, turn off the heat. Stir the meat into the noodles & veggies & serve.

      Be creative… this is a great way to use leftover meat & veggies~ just add them, already warmed, to the cooked noodles.
      The trick to this recipe that makes it quick is using only half of the water called for on the noodle package. The noodles cook quickly, & the rest of the water boils off.

      I find that ground turkey will go well with either the beef or chicken flavors & there is no grease left in the pan, but you can use ground beef. If you don’t have frozen veggies, you can make it without & serve this with a salad or raw veggie plate!

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