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      Re: Budget meal

      I’m a lurker, not as frugal as I should/could be. But, my supereasy and
      cheap dinner is this: You know the pkgs of ramen noodles? Not the
      cup-o-soup, but the cheapie ones in the packages?

      I get them at aldi by the
      case. Anyway, instead of soup, boil the noodles in water, but drain all of
      the water when done. Then, add some butter and mix about 1/2 the spice
      packet into the noodles.

      Think mac and cheese prep. Supereasy, and if you
      save the seasoning, you can use the rest and have extras if you buy those
      noodles. It’s good for last minute, and tasty.

      You can add anything to it
      if you want, veggies, meat if you’d like, etc. Good lunch or side for us.


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