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      The very first thing I would suggest would be is to get out a pen, paper and all of the bills (statements, envelopes, etc.) and write down every dime that you have coming in and every thing that is owed. That way, you will know exactly what the situation is. then, prioritize.

      you say your home is behind a few months. have you spoken to anyone about this so you don’t lose the roof over your head? for shopping, make a list – every single time – before you leave the house.

      before grocery shopping – eat! do not shop hungry! if you are going to do the grocery shopping, plus clothes shopping during the same outing, pack a snack in a lunchbox (put one of those little freezer packs inside to keep you food chilled), so you are less tempted for a quick (expensive) fast food stop.

      put bottles of water, a thermos of crystal light (mix it up at home), granola bars (there
      are recipes on line to make your own), pb&j sandwiches, etc. in your car and go out with your list to do your errands. if you get medications on a regular basis, have your doctor write your scripps for 90 day supply and get them through the mail order pharmacy.

      It saves a lot of money. You basically pay for one month, but get three months worth of meds. For grocery shopping – on top of making a list, plan your menu.

      Get a calendar with large boxes for the dates and plan out what you are making. Check your cabinets first and plan around what is already there. Share a warehouse club trip with a friend.

      (It is way too much food and/or wasteful for a small family). For clothes – trade with someone else, go to thrift stores, sew them, ask on Freecycle (and post things you don’t need as well). Make a list – what are you looking

      Don’t go and “wing it” – you will spend too much.
      Shop with cash. Figure out how much money you need, round up $20 and get just that much cash to go out shopping with. Do not use your debit card or credit card or even a check.

      When the clerk says, “That will be $179.98.” You open your wallet and count out the green dollar bills and pay for it. You will instantly see what you have spent, and how much is left in there.

      If you only took out $200 for the whole trip, it is instantly apparent. When the dollar bills are gone – you go home. It has been proven that when you pay with any other method besides cash, you will spend more.

      The instant knowing of pulling dollar bills out of your wallet is not there. For selling, even with the fees, eBay has a very large audience and that is part of the draw. I have heard people use
      Craigslist with some success too.


      giney_smith wrote: Okay I need help….

      First off, I am a spender in many ways. I have gotten our family in
      trouble. Let me back up by saying I don’t shop much…but when I go
      to the store, I seem to always “have to have something” usually its
      little stuff that adds up.

      The other is “convience” foods….

      We are going down hill fast, everything is late including our house
      by a few months…..

      I need to start selling/saving where do I begin???

      The selling department, I have a lot of stuff laying around here,
      that could be sold for some extra cash. I have tried garage sales,
      and they don’t go over well. (we are in the middle of no where) plus
      time never permits.

      So does anyone know any
      good websites where to
      sell items, beside ebay? Sites that don’t charge an arm and a leg,
      that go over well?

      Now I have realized I/we have money issues…where do I begin, how do
      I start getting out of debt? PLEASE any suggestions or advice would
      be greatly appriciated!!

      Thanks, Giney

      (o o)

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