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      I would start by sitting down and writing down everything that is

      owed. This will be hard and depressing. Just remember that this is

      the beginning of a whole new wonderful debt free life.

      Next plan your budget

      Cover most important first





      car insurance

      car payment

      credit card

      Talk to your mortage company and let them know what is going on and

      that they are top on your list. Then make sure you pay it every


      See if your gas/electric company has even billing. This averages your

      yearly usage then spreads it out over the year evenly. This way you

      can plan on the same amount each month. But you have to make sure

      that you pay that amount every month because some places will make

      you go back to regular payment plan if you don’t.

      Food is the one place you can really control what you spend. Along

      with planning your budget plan a menu. It might be good for you to

      plan for two weeks or even a month. (so you are not in the store as

      much spending what you don’t have)

      Start your planning with what you already have at home and add what

      you need.

      This will all take time and energy. Just don’t give up. Think of

      this as your job – to save your family as much money as possible.

      It can be done.


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