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      First step is do you have a budget? Write everything down, what it

      is, the monthly payment, the principle balance, the due date, and

      what is past due. Next, write down the “incidental monies”-

      groceries, gas, medical co-pays, activities, etc. (anything that is

      not an actual bill).

      Totaling everything up, do you make enough to pay what goes out each

      month? If not, the first step is to either lower your expenses or

      raise your monthly income- selling off your stuff may help to dig out

      of a one-time debt, but if you don’t find out how it happened in the

      first place, you’ll be back in the same boat next month.

      My suggestion to get out of your jam now would be look at your

      location- do you have consigment stores/pawn shops nearby? Depending

      on what you have to get rid of, some places you can get the money

      that day:

      Clothes- some consignment stores make you wait ’til they actually

      sell, some will pay you that day (but less than what the others will;

      big one in my area is “Once Upon a Child”-Check their guidelines:

      some places require ironed and on hangers, some require off hangers

      but brought in containers, not in bags. Pull out everything that is

      stained, ripped, etc- not only will it not sell, but they won’t look

      through the good stuff if they already have a bad impression of what

      you are offering. Start w/the ones that pay that day- whatever they

      don’t take, go to the ones that pay when it sells. Whatever they

      don’t take you can sell online (see below)

      Books/Movies/Music- there are several resale places that you can sell

      items to. For instance- where I live “Half-Price Books” will take

      all of these, plus magazines, video games, etc and it takes maybe

      30mins from the time you get there ’til you leave.

      Pawnshops- Depending on the shop they will take jewelry, electronics,

      tools, etc. Do not sell something you don’t want to go w/o. If

      you “sell” it, but go in making payments to try to hold onto it,

      you’ll lose money and it isn’t worth it.

      Three websites that I use are “Freecycle”, “Cheapcycle”

      and “Craigslist”. You can sell/trade items on Cheapcycle and

      Craigslist and Freecycle is a great way to get rid of stuff that you

      no longer want/need and to be able to get stuff w/o having to buy.

      This comes in handy for kids things that you may be spending a lot of

      money on, but not able to get your money’s worth out of it before

      they are past that stage.

      Depending how financially strapped you are there are resources

      available to get through rough times- some churches/organizations

      will help w/utilities and groceries for one month (so you can use all

      available money towards mortgage/rent). Call your landlord/mortgage

      company and see if they will work an arrangement w/you to be able to

      pay just the interest or a portion to get caught up and they can tack

      on the principle at the end of the loan or spread it out over several

      months to make it easier to get back on track. You can also try

      donating blood/plasma- a lot of places will pay you between $20-$50 a

      time to donate a couple of times a month, plus you are helping a

      worthwhile cause.

      Let me know if you have any questions- trust me, you aren’t alone;

      I’m sure most of us have been there a time or two.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “giney_smith”



      > Okay I need help….


      > First off, I am a spender in many ways. I have gotten our family in

      > trouble. Let me back up by saying I don’t shop much…but when I go

      > to the store, I seem to always “have to have something” usually its

      > little stuff that adds up. The other is “convience” foods….


      > We are going down hill fast, everything is late including our house

      > by a few months…..


      > I need to start selling/saving where do I begin???


      > The selling department, I have a lot of stuff laying around here,

      > that could be sold for some extra cash. I have tried garage sales,

      > and they don’t go over well. (we are in the middle of no where)


      > time never permits. So does anyone know any good websites where to

      > sell items, beside ebay? Sites that don’t charge an arm and a leg,

      > that go over well?


      > Now I have realized I/we have money issues…where do I begin, how


      > I start getting out of debt? PLEASE any suggestions or advice would

      > be greatly appriciated!!


      > Thanks, Giney

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