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      Ok, I have for one, been caught in this predicament many a times and

      thank god I have a loving husband who hasn’t left me for my bad

      bugeting skills, although he’s threatened many times…..

      He’s the hoarder and I’m the spender, I just yesterday, spent the $50

      I didn’t have to spend at the doctor for stuff we “had to have” but

      I’m sure that we could have gone a week or so without.

      We moved to a VERY rural area about 2 years ago. And even though you’d

      think that the cost of living here is lower since we don’t have a

      mortgage or a rent payment, the pay here is so bad that you can make

      $8/hr and still qualify for food stamps. I swear, if it wasn’t for

      that, we’d really be up the creek. And I worked at Walmart for a while

      and they say that it’s the pays their workers well, HA!! I beg to

      differ!! I was going in the hole just working there and spending my

      money there. It gave a new meaning to being owned by the company store!!

      One good thing about being down south is that they have Discount

      Grocery Stores. It saves me almost 1/2 of my grocery bill. When we

      lived in the midwest, it was cheaper to go to Walmart to go grocery

      shopping, but now, where my normal grocery bill for 6 people would bee

      $120/wk, I can spend about $65 for the same amount of food. All it is

      is store brand overstock and it’s not out of date, although you really

      have to look sometimes. And they have a Meat Cutter there on site!!

      not like the packaged meat from Austrailia like Walmart. Now don’t get

      me wrong, I still shop at Walmart, (we don’t have a target) but I am

      VERY selective on what I can get, And I also go to Sam’s club once a

      month for all the big stuff and do my comparison shopping online.

      Since sam’s club is in the bulk business, you have to go by unit.

      Like, toilet paper- I get the pom tp, a box of 45 rolls for $17 after

      taxes, that’s 37 cents a roll compared to $7/12 rolls = 58 cents a

      roll. And its the same tp that they have a church and at most hospitals.

      My other suggestion, although I know that it’s going to get some neg

      reviews, How many credit cards do you pay on??? Sue Orman (sp) has

      said it too, so I know I’m not wrong. Stop paying them for a while.

      They can’t put you in jail. If you take the 3 months that you DON’T

      pay them, you might get caught up on the house and you don’t want a

      forclosure. Your kids will resent you and your husband will dispise

      you. put your money on a priority. House, utilites, car, extra.


      it’s one thing my penny pinching husband has taught me–pay in cash or

      pay it off. we don’t have credit cards, they are the 1 thing that has

      this country going down hill. We sold the land that we had and paid

      for the house we are in now. Rent and mortgage free. The cars are paid

      for, granted they are older than 10 years old (a 89 suburban that

      still gets 15 mpg and a 98 olds minivan that gets 25mpg), but no car

      payment and the upkeep on them is still minimal. And it’s cheaper to

      have liability insurance on them, If I get hit it’s not me who’s going

      to the hospital, but the other guy. I upped the medical coverage on my

      auto insurance though just incase. Shop for cheaper insurance, call

      your agent. Do you drive less than 12000 miles per year? there is a

      discount for that. Tell her that you want her to save you money or

      you’ll shop somewhere else. They will help!!

      I hope these suggestions can help a little. I have 6 people in my house and I

      have to make it work

      with less than $1000 a month (I’m not kidding) so if you want more

      suggestions, just email me.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “giney_smith” wrote:


      > Okay I need help….


      > First off, I am a spender in many ways. I have gotten our family in

      > trouble. Let me back up by saying I don’t shop much…but when I go

      > to the store, I seem to always “have to have something” usually its

      > little stuff that adds up. The other is “convience” foods….


      > We are going down hill fast, everything is late including our house

      > by a few months…..


      > I need to start selling/saving where do I begin???


      > The selling department, I have a lot of stuff laying around here,

      > that could be sold for some extra cash. I have tried garage sales,

      > and they don’t go over well. (we are in the middle of no where) plus

      > time never permits. So does anyone know any good websites where to

      > sell items, beside ebay? Sites that don’t charge an arm and a leg,

      > that go over well?


      > Now I have realized I/we have money issues…where do I begin, how do

      > I start getting out of debt? PLEASE any suggestions or advice would

      > be greatly appriciated!!


      > Thanks, Giney

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