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      There are many, many tips in the book Live your Life for Half the Price by Mary Hunt. It is available in library’s.

      giney_smith wrote: Okay I need help….

      First off, I am a spender in many ways. I have gotten our family in
      trouble. Let me back up by saying I don’t shop much…but when I go
      to the store, I seem to always “have to have something” usually its
      little stuff that adds up.

      The other is “convience” foods….

      We are going down hill fast, everything is late including our
      by a few months…..

      I need to start selling/saving where do I begin???

      The selling department, I have a lot of stuff laying around here,
      that could be sold for some extra cash. I have tried garage sales,
      and they don’t go over well. (we are in the middle of no where) plus
      time never permits.

      So does anyone know any good websites where to
      sell items, beside ebay? Sites that don’t charge an arm and a leg,
      that go over well?

      Now I have realized I/we have money issues…where do I begin, how do
      I start getting out of debt? PLEASE any suggestions or advice would
      be greatly appriciated!!

      Thanks, Giney

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