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      I’ve found myself really enjoying “Cran-raspberry” juice made by one of the big names, however, I don’t enjoy the price, even on sale.

      So after a review of what goes into it, I’ve learned to mix my own using much less expensive frozen concentrates.

      A 64oz container of Cran-raspberry juice off the shelf is $2.89 (to a little over $3.00, depending on the grocery store), now read a little further.
      A 12oz can of plain cranberry concentrate ($1.00 for the store brand), a 12oz can of grape juice ($1.00 for the store brand) and a 12oz can of apple juice ($1.17 for the store brand) mixed with water as directed on each and then mixed together in a very large pot, will yield me 144oz of juice.

      That’s less than $1.60 for a refilled 64oz container plus 20 extra ounces! And the taste is even more refreshing.

      You may notice there was now raspberry in my mix? There was none in the name brand either.

      Go figure!

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