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      Balancing an egg on a spoon! Use a real easter egg, or a plastic one

      maybe filled with water (or even a treat). The kids have to race from

      one point to another while balancing the egg on the spoon. If it drops,

      they have to go back to the start.

      If you fill it with a small treat, then maybe give the winner an extra

      egg, but all the kids get to keep thier egg with the treat in it.

      You could also do sort of a bean bag toss, except again, use plastic

      eggs. Take a cardboard box, cut circles out into it, and have them do

      an egg toss.

      You can do a real egg toss, too. Every one pairs up- two kids or 1

      adult and 1 kid. If the numbers don’t match, you can do it with three.

      Take an unboiled egg, and have everyone stand about 3 feet apart from

      their partner. They toss the egg back and forth gently. After every 2nd

      or 4th toss, they each take a big step backwards.

      The goal, of course, is to NOT break the egg. Last one standing with an

      intact egg wins.

      Prizes for all of these can be something simple like a jelly bean

      filled plastic egg. Jelly Beans are $.50 at Wal-mart for a bag, and you

      can get a bag of 48 plastic easter eggs for $1.88 there, too.

      You could also do an egg hunt, and have the kids bring eggs they

      decorated. If you want to do a plastic filled egg hunt, then rather

      than having one person responsible, have each parent bring enough

      filled eggs for their child. Maybe do a set amount- 10 eggs per kid,

      and mark them with their names. Then, each kid looks for thier own

      eggs, and no kids end up with extras.

      Hope those help ya some 🙂

      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Linda Bossle wrote:


      > We are having an Easter Celebration in the park with our homeschool

      group. Does anyone have any ideas for some wacky, fun, outdoor group

      games for children 9 and up? Oh, did I mention that we need to do it

      on the VERY CHEAP? Thanks, Linda



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