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      A few weeks ago, we were discussing Christmas Gifts without money or on a small

      budget. I offered to compile a list of ideas, but I didn’t have anyone email me

      after that. However, I have been working on ideas on my own. I thought I would

      share my ideas with the group.

      Back to School sales are great for christmas gifts! when my nieces were little,

      they loved to play school. so i would buy a bunch of stuff during bts sales! i

      would have a huge box of supplies for them for almost no $$. also, these items

      make great teachers gifts as well. what teacher wouldn’t love new markers,

      colored pencils, erasers? buy these now and save for those gifts at christmas


      christmas gifts on a budget- the dollar tree is your best friend

      girl ideas $10 or less

      bubble time- use a container that you already may have, or buy one from the

      dollar tree. use one of the nylon scrubbies in the bottom of the container. this

      will “lift up” the items like they do in the dept stores gift sets already made.

      however they use tissue paper. (wasting $) add the other items on top of the

      scrubbie. this will make it look like there is a lot in the container. (just

      like the stores do)

      purse for the princess- little girls love getting pocket books, right? the

      dollar tree has pocket books from time to time. could even be a canvas carry-all

      type bag. fill it with things like, gum, lotion, note pads, pens, crayons, fun

      pad, chap-stick or lipgloss. now is the time to buy most of these items, during

      the back to school sales! office stores are having .01 sales!!

      Artist Basket- During the back to school sales, buy extra crayons, rulers,

      pencils, pencil sharpener, etc for the budding artist! You can also buy coloring

      books, drawing paper, etc at the Dollar Tree. Buy a basket at the Dollar Tree to

      keep them in too!

      You’re Beautiful Darlin’– Remember when you were 10-12 yrs old? Starting to get

      interested in makeup, nail polish, etc? dollar tree !!! again, buy a small

      container at the dollar tree to use as the “gift bag” and find items to fill it

      with. hair brush, headbands, nail polish, nail file, etc.

      magazines- our dollar tree is now selling magazines. make up a basket of these

      for teens or even friends etc.

      puzzle lover? – dollar tree has got lots of puzzle books. you can pay up to $5

      each at wal-mart for these books. Circle words, etc. Pack of pens and some



      Boy gift ideas-

      When I Was Little- They all hear the stories, when I was little… Make a gift

      using some of those toys / candies that we enjoyed as kids! jacks, pick up

      sticks, marbles, dominos, old maid cards, “old candies”.

      bath time fun- boys love baths too, if you make it fun! those sponge balls we

      use in the pool is great for the bath! dollar tree has bath sponges in animal

      shapes. water guns, if you aren’t a “no gun house”. what little boy doesnt like

      to play with cars in the bathtub?? lol

      little boy toys- dollar tree has lots of toys to choose from. many times, they

      have disney toys or other name brand toys. make up a gift bag of these items.

      also, sometimes it will be several items in one bag. seperate those to make

      several gifts. if you have friends/family that have kids and little space…..

      they will love these types of gifts. these gifts are great for kids, but parents

      don’t feel guilty for tossing them later, when parts are missing etc.


      college students- and teens-

      snack attack- buy a “snifty” (my own word lol ) container, and fill it with


      gadgets- if you take your time in the dt- you can find many items college kids

      like. ear buds, ipod covers, batteries ( may not love, but will love u when they

      need them ) lol picture frames, add in families pics or let them add in friends


      dorm room spruce up- air fresheners, new bath sponges, containers, pretty candy

      dish, etc.


      now for some adult ideas –

      these ideas are not from the dollar tree lol

      “give” your talents as your gift!

      we all have talents that our friends and family may not have. maybe you are a

      sahm so your “gift” is “time”.

      cake decorator- give coupons to make x many birthday cakes for your friend in

      the coming year.

      music teacher- give coupons for lessons

      cosmetologist- offer the family one free haircut each!

      landscaper- help with yard work in the spring. print it like this… you buy it,

      i’ll design it. that way, the receiver, knows you aren’t offering to “purchase”

      the products. ohhhhh how i would love to have this!!!

      12 Nights of Bliss– One night each month, you will babysit your friends or

      families kids, so they can have a date night! I would love this too!!

      handmade cards- make a bunch of cards for your friends / family! put them in a

      cute container!

      get where i am going with this idea? none of these “gifts” will cost a lot if

      anything! but the receiver will love them!

      i clean my aunts house every other week. she is home mostly on weekends, so she

      has little time at home. this week as i was cleaning, i had an idea. i know she

      would love to have her closet organized. now, i can’t afford to buy a closet

      organizer, but i am going to mention this to her husband. as his gift to her, he

      buys a closet organizer, and i do the organizing. i know she would be thrilled

      with it.

      are you great at organizing? offer to do the same for your friends or family. it

      doesn’t have to be a closet.


      the christmas gift game-

      this game has as many names as it does ways to play it. so, you can use your own

      way of playing it. the whole idea is to have fun with it and not stress over it.

      discuss christmas now with your family. if you decide to do the game thing….

      you have plenty of time to buy your items and it will not be such a burden!

      everyone gets two numbers. start with#1, they get to pick a gift under the tree.

      #2 can take a gift from under the tree or take the gift from the 1st person.

      That person would then get to choose another gift. This goes on until all

      numbers are used / everyone has gifts.

      I was thinking of it like this.

      1. Set an amount you want to spend. We will say, $20 per person.

      (could be just

      $5 up to you)

      1. Now, do you want to buy 1- $20 gift?

      2. Buy 1 $10 gift, three $5 gifts

      3. Buy 1 $15 gift, 1 $5 gift.

      2. Play a game with just “big gifts”.

      3. Then play the game with the smaller gifts. This simply makes it take longer

      and adds to the fun. Everyone gets a bigger gift and then smaller gifts. Makes

      it “fairer” that way.

      Gift ideas-

      I noticed my aunt could use new picture frames. So that might be an option for

      her / her husband. (if the organizing thing doesn’t work out)

      Favorite Snack-

      Gift Certificate for a manicure, pedicure, favorite coffee house, flowers, gas


      One year we did this, and the men loved flashlights. lol

      Favorite drinks- 12 case cokes for instance.

      I hope these ideas can help someone! We need to keep the Merry in Merry

      Christmas. It isn’t how much something costs, it is the thought behind it!

      Dawn Rhodes

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