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      The way my husband and I started budgeting years ago was to simply

      start keeping track of where the money was going. After a few months,

      we could reliably estimate how much we needed for different categories

      of expenses and that became our budget. Writing it down helped us get

      a handle on where we could make some cuts.

      Once you have some categories of expenses, it becomes easier to make

      decisions. And we found we had to keep tweaking the categories. For

      example, my husband used to freak out every September because we went

      way over the normal clothing budget, getting the kids ready to go back

      to school. When we adjusted our budget for a bigger expense in the

      fall and buying less the rest of the year, it worked out okay.

      My husband just retired and we’re kind of back where we started years

      ago, trying to get by on less. So we’re reevaluating some of our

      earlier decisions, seeing if there are new ways we can preserve our


      Personally I find it easiest to establish and live within a budget

      when I stay organized in other various aspects of my life. Like when

      I’m keeping on top of menu planning, house cleaning, getting exercise,

      etc. To me it seems like sort of a lifestyle thing. Budgeting is one

      aspect of living an abundant, healthy life.

      Hope this helps!


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “sharie lush” wrote:


      > Where to start?

      > There is NO way my husband is going to sit down and do the budget

      with me.

      > Partially because he is only home for 8 days a month, and partially


      > paper looks good until something is needed.

      > Is it hopeless?

      > Sharie

      > Who wants to get things in order without sneaking money into the



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