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      1 1/2 c peanut butter
      5-6 c powdered sugar (enough to keep it smooth without lumps)
      1 c melted butter
      1 tsp vanilla
      1 lg package semi sweet chocolate chips
      1/4 parriffin bar

      mix first 4 ingredients. then roll 1 tsp of each mixture into balls until mixture is used up. makes about 100.

      melt the chocolate chips and parraffin in a double boiler. keep warm. hold each ball with a toothpick and idp into the mixture partway.

      freeze. serve frozen.

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      I love these I keep a batch stashed in freezer all the time. you rock

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      I can’t keep a batch in the freezer! My kids and dh have them ate before i know it… same iwth the chocolate brittle surprise i put on here!

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      [These are soo good-and easy to make. Thanks again for posting and reminding me ummmmm. :038:

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      not a problem. we love them too.

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      Can you do these without the wax? Or will that change the taste or texture?

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      These would be great for anyone who is an Ohio State (Buckeyes) fan! Great to make to watch the football game! : )

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      without the wax, the chocolate doesn’t stay firm enough… It isn’t much wax and it makes the chocolate texture perfect.

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      Thanks. Just wondering because I make chocolate dipped strawberries, etc. all the time & I’ve never added anything to the chocolate before & they’ve always stayed really firm.

      I’ll have to try it with the wax & see how it comes out! : )

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      I have used milk chocolate chips with no wax and I haven’t had any problems. I melt my choc in the microwave. My grandmother (lives in Ohio) would make these every year for Christmas, and mail them to me. I love to make them and put them in little boxes for Christmas.

      My husband gives them to his workers every year for Christmas all year long he gets asked if I will be making more!!!!!!!

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      yummy presents are the best… i will keep the chocolate in the microwave in mind the next time i make them. thanks

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      If you don’t have a double boiler: put a few inches of water into a pot. Place a glass bowl (like a pyrex bowl) on top of the pot. Make sure the bottom of the bowl does not touch the water in the pot.

      Voila! You have a double boiler!!! Place chocolate chips in glass bowl & heat on low heat.

      (Heating too high will burn the chocolate.) : )

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      that is a great tip! thanks a bunch… if you would rather though, you can try microwaving the chocolate.

      make sure you stir it every 10 to 20 seconds though so it will heat evenly… and there you go, melted chocolate..

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