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      Be persistent. Get upper management
      involved starting with the store level; from there you can proceed to the
      corporate level. You might want to send an email to the CEO or President and
      copy it to the local store.

      Document everything that is done and said, taking
      pictures if necessary. I’m not familiar with Best Buy but I have had
      dealings with warranties where they just string you along until the warranty is
      over and then say they can’t help you anymore. Instead of taking it back
      and forth, try it out at the store and if it’s not fixed don’t
      accept it.

      Good luck and let us know what happens.

      We bought a laptop at Best Buy with a warranty. We have had some
      problems with it and took it back each time. It comes back and not fully

      Not having time to go back we use it with the problem that
      exists, till it gets bad where it can’t be used again. Tonight we brought
      it back home again and noticed that they have food on it, scratches and crack
      where the hinges are. The laptop is not fixed and we just don’t have the
      time to keep going back and waiting 2-3 weeks or more to get it back.

      daughter uses it daily for collage and it is hard when it is getting repaired
      often. She keeps it in her room. I can see if she took it out of
      the house but she doesn’t.

      What do we do and how do we resolve this
      problem. Please help.

      Thank you,



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