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      Take it back and ask to see the manager in charge of the store.

      Detail the problems, and ask that they pay to get it fixed

      elsewhere, since the repair department at your store is so bad about

      getting it done in a timely and correct manner. Make sure he sees

      the condition of the laptop now.

      He may not go for the repair elsewhere thing, though, because you

      didn’t report other problems in the past that have occured after

      they “fix” it.

      In the future, inspect the laptop thouroughly before ever leaving

      the store, including powering it up, and checking for the same

      problems it had before taking it in. Take a picture of the laptop

      before taking it into be repaired, too, so you have physical proof

      of any damage that might happen when Best Buy has it.

      I’ve NEVER had good luck with Best Buy’s repair department,

      regardless of which Best Buy I go to. It seems like they have idiots

      who know just enough about computers to be dangerous to them working


      I wouldn’t buy a computer there if the computer was free.

      Personally, we have had the best luck so far with Dell. We

      customized the lap top to exactly what we wanted, and my husband

      splurged on the 4 year in-home warranty. Actually, I think it was a

      1 year in home warrenty, but it’s cheaper for Dell to send a guy to

      our house than it is for them to pay shipping to ship it to them,

      then back again for the extra 3 years on the regular warrenty. Every

      time we’ve needed work done, we email them with the problem, Nick

      tells them he can’t be without it because he uses it for work (which

      he does), and within the next 2 days, someone is at our door with

      the parts needed, and they fix it right here in home, all for free.

      They cover replacement of all parts.

      — In, M F wrote:


      > We bought a laptop at Best Buy with a warranty. We have had some

      problems with it and took it back each time. It comes back and not

      fully repaired. Not having time to go back we use it with the

      problem that exists, till it gets bad where it can’t be used again.

      Tonight we brought it back home again and noticed that they have

      food on it, scratches and crack where the hinges are. The laptop is

      not fixed and we just don’t have the time to keep going back and

      waiting 2-3 weeks or more to get it back. Our daughter uses it

      daily for collage and it is hard when it is getting repaired often.

      She keeps it in her room. I can see if she took it out of the house

      but she doesn’t. What do we do and how do we resolve this problem.

      Please help.


      > Thank you,

      > Melissa









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