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      Hi all,

      There were a number of posts through here over the last several
      days, and I’m going to try to remember them all, but the one I
      remember most is Nan’s question, “why not html?”

      There are times, and heaven knows why because I’m neither a
      left-brained person nor a techie (read guru on computer), that
      html just messes up and comes in with constantly changing
      colors, and often, the messages can’t be read as a result. That
      was an increasing complaint I had noticed, so I tried to address

      Mickey couldn’t understand why html was a problem on this list
      and not on others. I honestly don’t know, only that it is when
      the list has attachments enabled.

      I personally have an aversion
      to attachments being enabled not just because of the html, which
      cramps others who may be using smaller email programs. If
      someone is using hotmail, for example, that person only has 2 MB
      of space before his or her mail begins to bounce, sending them
      offlist until s/he suddenly notices s/he’s no longer receiving mail
      from the list. Unfortunately, if a person is bounced from one
      Yahoo group, *all* of those Yahoo groups to which that person is
      subscribed are then showing that person as bounced.

      But I’m
      vehemently opposed to enabled attachments for another critical
      reason that ultimately protects each of us on the list–and on
      whatever other lists to which we belong (Mickey, I’m on 32 lists,
      so I understand your concern and can address this as well…you
      don’t have to have no html just because you opt for the text for
      this list…I’ll explain further down.)–from potential viruses that
      someone who is unprotected by the lack of having anti-virus
      protection in use on his or her computer.

      With attachments
      disabled, the chance of its spread to others on the list is greatly

      If you take time to disable the html in your email, so you can
      write in text format, you still have the option of using html, but
      it becomes a conscious choice then, just as you have right now.
      The difference is…if I choose, for example, to write in html, I
      simply pick a font and the size and even the hue, if I decide to
      use a color, and when I send the mail, it will ask whether I’d
      prefer html, html and text or simply text.

      I’ve yet to see this
      not be an option in a mail program. In this way, you still have
      the ability to write in html for those recipients who allow it. When
      I respond to people who have written to me in html, I have that
      choice as well.

      Most of those who have written privately to me
      with html will note that my responses always come back in text.
      I do that consciously as well. I have that choice.

      Please do take this next part with the kind of warped humor I
      intend it. This is kind of like making the decision to neuter your
      pet. The babies are cute, but not if they’re all in your house.
      You still have to make the decision or deal with distributing all
      the little ones as they’re born each time, and in time, that can
      become quite a headache.

      So consider Budget101 like your
      home, and these html posts are all those little babies getting
      born again and again. After a while, many people begin to
      have difficulties in receiving the posts and reading them. I
      happen to use Netscape for my mail because I have a major
      allergy to Outlook and Outlook Express.

      It just feels like
      Microsoft has me all the way to my mail. lol But sometimes,
      Netscape rejects the html efforts, and often I’ve had to delete
      the incoming mail because of problems with those posts. As
      pretty as the html is, it’s not as problem free as text is.

      I also have not updated my Netscape because later versions
      did away with the email package!)

      To those of you who wrote privately to me to ask, thank you,
      and again, I’m sorry for the delays here and there. I often get
      bogged down with stuff like life.

      To those of you who saw Sarena’s photo, thanks. Speaking
      of kittens, she mews like one. lol

      I do hope this will explain the reasons behind the request. If
      the attachments get enabled again, we may be addressing
      the same problem again, and in fact, it’s likely at that time.
      By rejecting those attachments and writing in text, we can
      work together to prevent these issues.

      Warm wishes to those who celebrate the Passover or Easter.


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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List bringing closure to the html thing