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      After searching over thrift stores, department stores, and antique stores yet not finding any art that I can afford or even LIKE, I’ve decided to put some empty frames to use. A friend of mine gave me like 20 different frames in all colors and sizes that she didn’t need anymore. I am going to do the living room in art from an old nature book I have.

      It has photos of different leaves and flowers, etc… And the bathroom will be done in DIY art from an old spa book I have. love smiley You can’t beat free!!!!

      What do ya’ll think of this idea? Is this just tacky? be honest!


      Love- Pennypincher

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      We got blessed today. My brother in law who had visited had taken a panoramic picture from our deck of our lake and we got a copy in the mail today 4’x 28′ that covers our family room wall above the sofa. When I worked at the hospital we took old pictures out of the Saturday Evening Post and framed those to decorate rooms with.

      Every one loved them! Happy decorating! I’m looking for old barn wood to make a frame for our new picture!

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      At an antique store I had seen an old house window, like the 4 window pane kind. But it was just to hang on the wall. I thought it was kind of cute.

      I considered doing shabby chic because my stuff is so old it looks like I do shabby chic on purpose to being with! LOL~~!

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      My sister paints great pictures on old window frames to hang up. She did my girl’s pets in garden scenes and they are great hanging up from there ceiling in front of their windows. She sold one of her paintings to Ronald Reagan just before he moved into the White House.

      Wish I had some of her talent! Little kids make fun of my stick figures!

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      I think it sounds like a very clever idea. If you and your family likes the artwork then that is what works for you. I got some frames from a thrift store (a real thrift store — the frames were only 5 for $1.00) and spray painted them black and put black and white prints of family photos in them.

      I lined a hallway with them and I love revisiting with the prints to see my family growing up. thanks for sharing your idea.

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      I don’t think it is tacky at all …as long as you like the pictures and they are meaningful to you.

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      This is a great way to decorate in a way you like. I have done old calendar pages in frames.

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