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      Breakfast Rice

      Make rice using one part water and one part milk.
      You’ll want to have an extra cup of liquid.
      (1 cup rice to 3 cups liquid ~ 1 & 1/2 cups water and 1 & 1/2 cups milk)
      I like to add a little vanilla (about a tsp), in with the milk/water.
      To make it creamier whisk in about a TBSP. vanilla pudding to the milk/water.
      Cook as usual.
      Serve with milk and sugar. Warm and very filling.

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      This sounds so good. I think it may be time for breakfast!!! Thanks for the recipe.

      I made the No-Knead 2 Ingred. Bread the other day. Cinnamon toast from this bread & the rice – hmmmm – sounds tasty.

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      JoAnn, this sounds wonderful. It reminds me of breakfasts at my grandmothers. Thanks:)

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      Sprinkle with a bit of cinnamon. Yummy

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      I grew up eating this one, sometimes as a treat we would add raisins . It’s an old time favorite.

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      This sounds really yummy JoAnn, thanks my friend

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      Short-grain brown rice is soooo good in this recipe IMO. 🙂

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      This is how my DH eats his rice all the time. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. I have to make separate rice if I make it for anything other than breakfast, the rest of the family won’t eat it that way except at breakfast.

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      Do you eat it like oatmeal? or could it be searved instead of hashbrowns?

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