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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Breakfast Ideas Breakfast made fast and yummy

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      I love breakfast time, the kids and I get our day started by a good breakfast and some quite time. I love that I usually can pull breakfast out of the freezer for a quicker start to the day. Some tricks I use.
      1) breakfast burritos— I make 30-40 at a time. Cook up some sausage, eggs and gravy
      Get your tortilla (I buy them in bulk at the local grocery store) use the gravy as the
      Sauce put your sausage egg and shredded cheese roll wrap in cellophane put in freezer!! Pull one or two out for healthy start to your day great on the go as well.
      2) pancakes— I make silver dollar pancakes (around 200 at a time) these microwave great out of the freezer. Have fun with them put chocolate chips blueberries what ever you have in the pantry. (These are amazingly cheep. This week I found 2lbs of mix at store on sell this will get me thru for a while) YEA
      3) sausage egg cheese biscuits— I some times make my own biscuits but its usually cheeper just to buy the 4 pack you can make small SEC biscuits again a great easy start to your day!
      This is only three I know but if you make them ahead of time you can have a nice variety to go with your cereals and oatmeal each week enjoy!!!!

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      Thanks for sharing your ideas! I make thick french toast and cut them into “sticks”. They fit great in the toaster and get nice and crispy and you can grab a couple and head out the door in the morning.

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      French toast, regular waffles, muffins, and Belgium waffles freeze well also. Pull out of the freezer and pop into the microwave or toaster and voila’, breakfast is hot, fast and ready.
      Love your breakfast ideas, especially the breakfast burritos. Gonna try them this weekend.
      Thanks so much for sharing!!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Breakfast Ideas Breakfast made fast and yummy