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      makes a bunch, so make ’em, freeze ’em, nuke ’em when ready;-)
      Breakfast Club
      24 Eggs, beaten
      1 1/2 cups water
      2 tsp thyme
      2 tsp onion powder
      1 tsp cracked pepper
      12 flatbreads
      12 slices, Canadian bacon
      12 slices turkey deli meat
      12 slices cooked bacon, halved
      1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
      Blend eggs, water and spices. For each sandwich, pour ⅔ cup egg mixture into a spray-coated non-stick 8-inch pan. Cook, omelet-style, until eggs are firm throughout with no visible liquid egg remaining.

      Position flatbread horizontally. Add omelet. Onto left side of the omelet, layer Canadian bacon, turkey, 2 bacon halves and a big pinch of cheese.

      Fold flatbread in half.
      Grill or fry flatbread over medium heat just until cheese melts and heated throughout. Serves 12.

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      Would be very handy to have ready made & in the freezer. Thanks.

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      this makes a great weekend breakfast. then after everyone has eaten, finish making up the rest and wrap individually (when cooled) and stick in the freezer. it takes a bit of time because of making the eggs individually for each sandwich. but these are so good!

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      Thank You Mos! You’ve done it again. Another winner!!

      After the delicious Al Fredo sauce, I just know this will be a winner. We love all the ingredients, so made it’s just what the cook ordered. LOL

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      Thanks! These are a great back to school “quick breakfast” for my sleepy high school son.

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      This is a great way to start the early Day After Thanksgiving Shopping morning.

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      hun-ney…I’m not even ready to think about Halloween! LOL!

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      Great “quick breakfast” idea! Thanks! 🙂

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