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      This is an ABM recipe, but is can be done by hand. It is the best
      tasting recipe I have found. Just do it like a regular dough, with
      letting it rise 2X.

      I have substituted 1/4 c flax meal (or 1/4 c whole
      wheat flour) for 1/4 c of flour.
      Sm. Med Lg

      Water 1/2 c 2/3 C. 1c

      Salt 2/3t. 3/4t. 1 1/4t.

      Sugar 1/2t 2/3t. 1t.

      Flour 1.5 c. 2 c. 3 c.

      (all-purpose type)

      Yeast 1t 2t. 1T.

      Put ABM on dough setting. When done, split into half (if making the
      large recipe). Put 1 in a freezer baggie, label & freeze for later.
      The other, roll out into a rectangle, then roll the rectangle into a
      torpedo shape.

      Make several diagonal slices with a knife across the
      dough. Place in the center of your stone (or cookie sheet) with seam
      side down, place in the microwave and set the timer for 30 mins to 1
      hour. (I just use the microwave since it hides the dough and keeps it
      out of my way).

      While rising, set the oven to preheat to 375 deg. Cook
      it for 20 mins.

      To cook the frozen dough, thaw it. Roll it out and shape it. Follow
      above directions

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