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      they can be stone, terracotta .. technically you could use the bottom of a

      flower pot but it doesn’t look fancy — unless its a round basket and fits

      pretty much exact in the bottom (then it looks like its supposed to be there)

      a large stone .. cleaned with bleach and scrub brush .. it’ll need to be

      sorta flat to work well .. if from the local river let it sit in house by heater

      for DAYS .. then put in cold stove, turn the heat up to 250 leave it for 30 –

      45 mins, let cool in stove .. later start again bring heat up to 350, then 450


      if you use tile and it has a finish coat on top it could be dangerous, ditto

      if its coloured – is the heat going to do something to the colours? I don’t

      know and wouldn’t want my kid eating a roll out of one .. even some of the

      marbles are artificially coloured ..


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