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      I was just remembering with a friend how we have faired during really bad times and remembered something that I would make occasionally when really broke. It varied from time-to-time, based on what I had on hand. This is the basic recipe…
      Bread Soup
      4 thick slices crusty stale bread
      3-4 bay leaves
      1 qt water
      Bring the water to a boil, salt it, and add the bay leaves. Let the mixture boil for a few min, and in the meantime crumble the pieces of bread and put them in your soup bowls. Spoon the broth over the bread, let it absorb the moisture for a few minutes, and serve.
      Note: If I had garlic, carrots, or celery I would add them to the water and then bring to a boil. A bouillon cube was good too! Anything to add flavor! This is actually filling and serves 4. So DD and I would have dinner one night and lunch for the next day;-D
      balloony  smilie

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