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      This recipe worked on my bread maker. Hopefully it will work for you.

      Homestyle White Bread 1.5 Pound Loaf

      1 cup + 2 tbsp water

      1 tbsp butter or margarine, softened

      2 tbsp sugar

      1 tbsp non-fat dry milk powder

      1-1/2 tsp salt

      3 cups bread flour

      2-1/2 tsp bread machine yeast

      1 Place ingredients into the bread pan in the following order: water, butter

      or margarine, sugar, milk powder, salt, and flour.

      2 With finger, make a small indentation on one side of the flour. Add yeast to

      indentation, making sure it does not come into contact with the liquid


      3 Set breadmaker to your desire and begin.

      Good luck!

      — On Thu, 7/31/08, Suzi McMullen wrote:

      Date: Thursday, July 31, 2008, 6:33 PM

      Most of the regular recipes are designed for a couple of larger loaves.

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