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      I have a question ladies, I am new at this so please be kind when you

      answer. When making bread, I was told to store my yeast in the fridge

      so it would keep longer, does the dough rise better when the yeast is

      room temperature? I have made 2 loaves and both looked very rustic and

      I was wondering if that was it. They both tasted wonderful, but they

      were a bit dense and only made about 1/3 of the pan in my bread machine

      and I am trying to figure out what I might have done wrong. Thanks for

      your time and responses.

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      What kind of bread are you making? Is it supposed to be “rustic” looking? Are your liquid ingredients warm enough when you add them?

      I’ve been baking bread for years, usually manually but I do have a machine, too. My sister had some problems with her bread machine, too. She said the bread looked a little weird, but tasted good.

      Then she realized she didn’t lock the bowl in tight enough to allow for adequate mixing! There are quite a few variables involved here but I hope I got you thinking enough that you can figure out where your problem might be. Good luck!

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