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      When I was in Girl scouts I learned about box ovens and you can cook anything in them. My troop liked to cook mini pizzas.

      You get box line it with aluminum foil. you take tape the foil to the box. 2 sided tape works good.

      you have the tape between the box and the foil. I also brought the foil over the edges of the box. I cute a little door on the open end of the box for air.

      You get 4 soda cans. I used 3 small mini aluminum foil meat loaf pans for the charcoal but the 4 soda cans so they straddle the mini pans of charcoal and put you mini pizzas on a cookie sheeet. put the cookie sheet on the soda cans and put the box oven over everthing and your oven is working.

      Check the mini pizza in about 20 mins and they should be done. and it really works. My girlfriend I cook chicken and cakes in the box oven.

      I had a box oven for years and used it over and over again. when the box oven was not in use I flipped it over and stored my mini pans and soda cans and other camping stuff in it.

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