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      I love this easy tube gift idea, they look like the push-yogurt tubes when finished, so cute!

      You will just need some heavy scrap paper with whatever design you like and some decorative scissors to trim the edge of the paper.

      Roll it into a tube and seal it at the seam with glue, hold it until it’s dry. I used hotglue for mine so it would be fast.

      Now press the tube flat at one end, seal it- If you’re really crafty you can sew it shut with your sewing machine, if not just glue it.

      Fill the tube with candies, jewelry, gift card, whatever, now turn it 180 degrees, press it flat in the opposite direction as the other end and sew it shut or glue it.

      adorn the outside with additional decorative items, buttons, fabric, pop-outs, etc.

      Quick, easy and so cute!

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