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      With the summer heat, we are buying cases of water a week. After guests

      leave, I find partically empty bottles all over. With costs rising all

      the time, I hated pouring all that money down the drain. So, I’ve

      started recycling water; I have an ivy on the top of a wall unit;

      really hard to reach with a watering jug, but, easy to tiptoe and pour

      bottled water in the top, haven’t spilled a drop. I use some in my

      steam iron, easier to pour than from a gallon jug of distilled water.

      and the cheapest yet; I wash and sterlize an empty water bottle, fill

      it 3/4 full of tea and freeze. When the kids go 4-wheeling, fishing or

      working outside, the tea is a big hit, lasts a long time, the plastic

      bottles can take a beating and don’t leak. thanks

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