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      Has anyone read the dangers of refilling water bottles? Buy a type

      that can go into the dishwasher and be sterilized if necessary. A

      great brand is SIGG. They sell different sizes and they can be washed

      properly whereas the plastic type that water comes in cannot be washed

      properly. Even using a bottle brush on them isn’t recommended.

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      > From: Ann Garner

      > > We wash and refill water bottles, too. We also do soda

      > > bottles. They can be washed then filled with water, tea,

      > > juice. When my niece was a very independent very young lady, her

      > > mother would have a bottle in the bottom of the kitchen door with

      > > just enough milk in it for her cereal. She had her bowl on the

      > > counter, along with a container with just enough cereal for her

      > > breakfast beside the bowl. When my niece was ready for breakfast, it

      > > was easy for her to fix her own. Was it a bit more washing for Mom

      > > to do? Yes, but her daughter was really proud of being able to fix

      > > for herself.

      > >

      > > Ann in Arkansas

      > >

      > > Ann, where do you live in ar ? I live in north little rock .


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