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      Hi there, I usually don’t post, but had to repond to this one, borax is
      INDEED poison. If you look at the bottom of this
      https://www.icgov.org/documents/altcleaningsolutions.pdf link about
      alternative cleansers, you will find that it is also caustic! It does work
      wonderfully, just use good judgement.

      And, as with any chemical keep it away
      from the kiddos & pets. https://infoventures.com/e-hlth/pestcide/borax.html
      <~~~This site give a chemical breakdown. It is also used as a pesticide.
      Blessings, Leah in Colorado

      > Hello All,
      > I read some where (maybe this group, I don’t remember) a recipe for
      > homemade dishwashing soap. Equal parts washing soda and borax. So I did
      > that and it seems to work pretty well.

      Then I read the other day that
      > borax is extremely poisonois. Now I’m worried. Since my dishwasher isn’t
      > the greatest at washing and rinsing I don’t want to be poisoning my
      > family.
      > Should I stop using it?

      What do you all think?
      > Thanks allot………………Susan

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Soapmaking Borax soap pros&cons