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      Re: : washing soda and borax

      It doesn’t have a list of ingredients. I think borax is the only
      ingredient. According to my dictionary, borax is a naturally
      occurring mineral.

      (As are talc and asbestos).

      We don’t have the same warnings on everything we purchase but eu
      (european union) regulations require that dangerous substances are
      clearly labelled. harmful substances (including borax) have a square
      orange box on the packet, with a large black cross in the box, to
      draw your attention to the warning. some warnings (not borax) have
      the word “irritant” if the substance is likely to react to your

      some manufacturers seem to live in fear of being sued. i believe
      that mcdonalds coffee has a warning that it is hot, following a case
      where someone sued because they burned themselves. i have also heard
      that a label on a new iron read “it is dangerous to iron clothes
      whilst wearing them”.

      ~chris (uk)~

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