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      We had a mexican dinner through our FAN Club tonight to benefit the volleyball and cross country teams. Earlier this month we had a steak dinner to benefit volleyball. The dinners are always well attended, and the price is good. We had about 300 for the steak dinner (it was held the first weekend that school was back in) and we had at least 500 tonight.

      Wrestling does a traditional spaghetti dinner, cheerleading does navajo tacos before Homecoming game and softball does a pit bbq dinner in the spring. The cost is usually about $6-7 per adult, $3 per child, or $20-25 per family.

      We get as many items donated, or businesses to sponsor, as possible. The rest is ordered through the same food service that our school lunches does. The cost for tonights mexican dinner will be just over $1 per meal.

      That’s a great profit.

      Another item that usually
      does well to sale through FAN Club are the football/basketball stuff – stadium bleacher chairs, rally towels, cowbells, pompoms, etc.

      I would start with the families of the athletes. Most parents are glad to support their kids. It’s also important that you have the full support of the coaches – which is usually not a problem, since they benefit so much from the fundraising.

      Ask the coaches if they have any idea what they want to fundraise for, and if they have a particular event in mind. Then get a list of the parents and start calling. Or attend the Parent Night and explain what is expected of them.

      We have mandatory meeting that parents have to attend that explains the program, the rules, the behavior expectations.

      Good luck!
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      Anybody part of their childrens high school booster club? My daughter is an incoming freshman and plays several sports. I have been contacted to start up the school booster club as it has been”dead” the last few years…anybody have any ideas to rally up membership?

      any fresh ideas for fundraising etc?

      what are some things your school booster clubs have done???

      Help any ideas etc would be great!


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