Boo Bingo (ages3-5)

Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Boo Bingo (ages3-5)

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      What you’ll need:
      * plain paper
      *candy corn
      *pencil or pen

      How to Play
      Prepare Bingo cards ahead of time. Draw a large grid with nine squares. In each square draw a simple Halloween picture: a cat, a bat, a witch’s hat, a ghost, a broom, a jack-o-lantern, a spider, a full moon, and a candy corn. Make a bingo card for each player, but vary the order in which you draw the pictures, so that each card is different. Draw an extra set of pictures and cut them apart. Put them in a bowl.
      Give everyone a card and some candy corn for markers. Take turns drawing slips from the bowl and calling out the picture. Cover that picture on your card with a candy corn. The first person to get 3 pictures covered (across, up and down or diagonally) yells “Boo!” and is the winner.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Boo Bingo (ages3-5)