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      a friend showed me how to make instant blender ice cream last night. Her recipe:

      Put in the blender:
      a tray of ice cubes
      1 teaspoon vanilla
      1/4 cup of cocoa or hot chocolate mix
      1/4 cup sugar (I’d use more if using cocoa!)
      2/3 cup milk

      Blend and stir every few minutes. Add more ice to make thicker and blend and stir until its the right thickness.

      When I tried it at home I experimented. My husband can’t have chocolate or sugar so I used frozen fruit instead of ice & cocoa. and I used splenda for the sugar.

      This was the best Strawberry ice cream we’ve ever had! Much better than store bought ice cream! Just Frozen Strawberries, Splenda and Milk!

      I’m going to try frozen mixed berries and frozen blueberries next time!

      We had gotten together to share our latest Food storage recipes and I think I got the best one from her!

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      This sounds very interesting and tasty. Also makes a nice sized quantity and with ingreds. you’d most likely have on hand at all times.

      Thanks for this recipe.

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      How easy. I like your strawberry ice cream idea. Mucho Thanks!

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      Make sure you stop the blender every few seconds and stir it and restart it so you don’t burn up your blender if you just have a regular one!

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      this is so quick and easy,like the idea of using frozen fruit and splenda,thanks

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      yum! Thanks for the recipe!

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      This sounds so good. DD just surprised us with a box of fresh peaches . Think I’ll try this and use the splenda.

      Peach ice cream—-too bad it’s 10:30 pm —-want to try it now

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      Remember the fruit needs to be frozen!

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      Thanks Brchbell,

      That went right over my head, would have wondered what I did wrong.

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes General Recipes Blender Ice Cream