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      Bleeding Human Heart
      (inspired by Penn & Teller’s Bleeding Heart)

      First of all, find your mold. I found mine a couple years ago at
      Spencer’s Gifts around Halloween season. It came with a very similar
      recipe, but not any instructions to make it bleed.

      thoroughly wash your mold, especially all the detail where the veins
      are. When completely dry, spray the mold with non-stick cooking
      spray. You’ll see below that Penn & Teller used a Valentine’s Day-
      style heart-shaped cake pan…I think using the human heart mold
      improves on their concept one-hundred percent…!

      My human heart mold isn’t large enough to handle the whole Penn &
      Teller recipe, so I halved the following recipe…I also altered the
      blood by using raspberry syrup and Chambord raspberry liqueur
      instead of the grenadine, since I was using raspberry gelatin. After
      the mold is set, I turn out the heart and set it on a crystal
      pedestal plate and use food coloring and a small brush to accent the
      veins. I even use red food coloring to shade the contours (it really
      does make a difference).

      I use my large Psycho-style butcher knive
      to sever and serve, as they suggest below.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Halloween Bleeding Human Heart