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      > My shower curtain liner desperatly needs to be

      > cleaned. What is the best way to clean it? Can it be

      > put into the washing machine without ruining it?


      > thanks!






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      How to Clean Plastic or Vinyl Shower Curtains

      Clean plastic shower curtains – Take off rod and put in washing

      machine on a delicate cycle with laundry detergent and when finished

      it is clean and ready to rehang on rod.

      Leave it on the rod – Step into the tub and spray the liner with

      Lysol bathroom cleaner. Step out of the tub and place both hands on

      the outside of the liner and bring your hands together to start

      rubbing. When finished, step into tub and the spray liner off with

      hot water. This is a quick method. No real work for you!

      A no-scrub solution for lazy bachelors – I just threw the thing in

      the tub itself, stopped up the drain, added about 4 cups of bleach,

      and filled the tub with hot water, and pushed all the air out of it.

      I soaked it that way overnight, and though it didn’t get everything

      out, it did well considering. Then, I dumped a lot of baking soda

      into the water to neutralize the bleach, and safely drained out the


      Half bleach half washing powder – I have now found that putting your

      shower curtain into the washing machine with both bleach and washing

      powder in the drawer works a treat. My shower curtain came out

      sparkling white (was previously stained orange from shampoo residue).

      Give it a go!

      Easy shower curtain cleaning – Putting a few towels in the washer

      with the shower curtain will clean it. Use hot water. Put the curtain

      in the dryer set on warm for just a few minutes, and hang back up to

      finish drying. Leaving the curtain in the dryer too long can melt the


      Shower curtain cleaning – To easily remove built up soap scum or

      mildew on vinyl shower curtains, put the curtain in a washing

      machine. Use the hottest water setting, add some detergent and

      bleach. The bleach removes the mildew and the combination removes the

      soap scum. Shower curtains will look brand new after washing. You can

      also wash cloth shower curtains in a washer with cold water, using

      the gentle setting and detergent, to keep them clean and smelling


      How to clean a vinyl shower curtain – Spray the curtain with

      Scrubbing Bubbles, let it sit for 5 minutes, then wipe dirty areas

      with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

      Washing machine and vinegar – The machine is the easiest way. Use a

      rinse cycle with 1/4 cup of vinegar or use it in a Downy ball to get

      rid of suds (this is great for towels in same load too).

      Clean plastic shower curtains – Throw your shower curtain in the

      washing machine with towels. The towels will do all the work. now to

      keep it clean: once your curtain is clean just soak it in your tub

      with 1/3 cup salt and let sit for 15 minutes. The saltwater stops any

      future accumulation. Hang up and your all set.

      No fuss cleaning tip – Spray vinal shower curtain with “Shower Power”

      or similar product, un hook and place in washing machine with two

      towels. Curtains come out sparkeling clean, if creased rinse with

      warm water before rehanging.

      How to wash – Wash the shower curtain in washing machine with towels.

      The towels will help to agitate the shower curtain. Then hang to dry.

      Cleaning shower curtains – Use a spray bottle to spray the curtain

      with 1 part bleach to 10 parts water after every shower or every day.

      Also, you can soak the curtain in the washing machine with the bleach

      & water mixture for an hour, then wash normally.

      Cleaning shower curtain – I have had much success by putting my

      shower curtain in the washing machine with bleach and detergent. It

      is less work and less mess.

      Washing machines can tear – My washing machine chewed up a strong

      vinyl curtain, even on a delicate cycle. Too much twisting is

      involved, I think. I strongly recommend hand washing.

      In a pinch … – I used the bathtub method, but in a pinch, I used

      vinegar as a substitute for bleach, Dawn Powerplus dishwashing liquid

      instead of laundry detergent and Febreze laundry liquid to help with

      the scent.

      I hope this will help you out.

      Kelly in IL

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