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      We finally bought our first house and it is actually big enough to host our
      first birthday party. I was thinking of having the party at Chucky Cheese, but
      after learning it would cost us over $12 per child, I am hoping I can have a
      wonderful and memorable birthday party at home. We are looking at having it
      outside (it will be September 18th in Oklahoma) so if the weather does not
      cooperate, we have a patio or can move it indoors if need be.

      I am pregnant and
      due 11-04 so I will be trying to take it easy and have enlisted my mom and
      mother-in-law for help. Our daughter will be starting a new school this year,
      so I’m not sure if she will have made friends to invite by them, only a month
      into the school year.
      In buying our first house, we are really strapped financially so any tricks are
      appreciated. We are considering renting a moon walk, but I have not check into
      the price yet.

      I was thinking of maybe an arts n crafts type thing or just
      having some cool games the kids won’t think of as lame and cheap entertainment.
      She really loves Pokemon, but I can not find anything at the dollar stores with
      Pokemon and it seems the plain stuff is cheaper than the licensed stuff anyway.
      Any and all ideas will be appreciated and I thank you all in advance!

      Melissa V

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