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      What about making a Pokemon ball (the half white, half red one) pi?ata from
      a balloon and paper mache. Fill with candy and dollar store items. I bought
      Pokemon cake “decal” (place on top of iced cake), pencils, pens, paper clips
      and stationary set (pencil case with eraser and ruler inside) all at the
      dollar store. What about pin the lightning bolt tail on the Pikachu (right
      character ?) made from a picture blown up on a photocopier.

      Could each child
      be assigned a particular Pokemon character when they arrive at the party and
      must act like them throughout the party (or some other better variation of
      this take-on-the-personna of a Pokemon character idea). Make a game of
      trying to draw your favourite Pokemon character in the dark (or
      blindfolded) – see what new characters are invented.

      That’s all I can think of off hand. I’m sure other members have more
      creative ideas for you to try.

      Lisa B.

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