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      My kids did Pokemon also. We used the little solid plastic characters to
      decorate the cake. The pi?ata is a great idea.

      My kids draw their own pokemon
      all the time so they would enjoy doing it with their friends. My sister joined
      in once and made up her own character. I forgot what it was.

      They thought that
      was cheating because she did not have to make it look like the real one. It was
      whatever she wanted it to be. Oh, my favorite party game is just buying a board
      game and everyone joins in.

      We still have the game after it is all over,
      also. We have not had over five kids over at one time.
      My son just had his 9th birthday and he wanted to wear his Halloween
      costume from last year for the day so we let him. Another game that I liked was
      drop the penny in a gallon jar of water.

      Whoever got it into the little cup at
      the bottom won a prize. I figured they beg at the restaurants to drop the coin
      so why not do it now. It was OK but my 2yo loved it the best. It cost nothing
      so what the hey.

      Now they know it is harder than what they think.
      I would also ask her to come up with some ideas also. She might have a game
      that they play at school that she really likes and you could adapt it to the
      home setting.
      Cindy in AL

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