Birthday Party Ideas?

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      You may want to check out your son’s favorite

      wrestlers website and see if they offer any pictures

      etc. free to thier younger fans. Your local library

      may have wrestling movies you can check out.Also you

      can took to you local gym teacher about healthy diets

      that wrestlers eat and incorporate that into your

      party. Maybe if your local high school has a wrestling

      team they might put on an exhibt for your future

      wrestler. Hope you have a great time. Margaret

      — “tara.mceachern” <> wrote:

      > My son is a huge wrestling fan and wants his 10th

      > birthday to have a

      > wwe theme. i’m looking for ways to have the wwe

      > theme without buying a

      > ton of stuff. i’m going to buy the wwe invitations,

      > loot bags and

      > probably a cake. i know everyone will say bake my

      > own cake but i would

      > really like it to be wwe and i know there is no way

      > i can do that on

      > my own. any ideas or suggestions? i have no clue

      > what activities to

      > plan…i don’t want a bunch of 10 year old boys

      > wrestling in my living

      > room!!! Or is 10 too old to have activities planned?

      > Thanks in advance.


      > Tara






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