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      I’m new to this list, so I hope that my question is not out of line, or “off topic.” My son will be nine in Feb. and wants to have a “real” birthday party, where he invites friends, and not just a family affair.

      I’m a single mother on a very tight budget, so I am not really sure how to pull this off. The big trend for birthday parties in our area is to rent one of those space walk things. I have priced them, and at $100+ per day, I can’t afford it.

      Does anyone have any ideas for party games that will be fun and exciting for nine year olds, yet still inexpensive to pull off. Also, what about inexpensive favors? I have inexpensive source of papergoods, but the games and favors are still perplexing me.

      Thanks in advance,
      Vickie in SC

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