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      While a space walk may be the “in” thing for kids birthday parties,
      the price alone is scary, and unnessecary! There are many things you
      can do for a birthday to make it fun, memorable, and inexpensive!

      First, limit the number of kids he can invite. If it’s a free-for-
      all, you’ll likely wind up with his class, plus half of the other
      kids in his grade not in his class. A rule of thumb I’ve always
      heard is 1 kid per year old, so for a 9 year old, 9 kids.

      personally usually limit it a bit more, but with 3 kids of my own, I
      just can’t handle more!

      Next, get an idea on a theme he might like, but as a warning, as
      kids get older, “themes” aren’t as “cool”. Woe to the parents who
      give thier 9 year old daughter a barbie birthday, only to find out
      that barbie just isn’t cool to her anymore! (yes, I have done

      oops). Food can be themed towards the event, as well, but
      keep in mind that snacks are much cheaper than doing a full meal.

      If you do want a meal, do a family only pot luck an hour before the
      kids party starts, and then after the kids arrive, do cake & ice
      cream, or what not.

      Once you have the guest list, and the food & theme figured out, look
      towards games. Again, many birthday games just are not “cool” for
      older kids. A scavenger hunt might be fun.

      Make it unique to the
      birthday boy- answer questions about his favorite colors, favorite
      foods, favorite movies, and give hints based on those answers. For
      instance, if you have his favorite movie on vhs or dvd, hide the
      next clue in the box. Or if it’s a poster, hide it barely sticking
      out from behind the poster.

      Make it involve several clue’s, some decoy clue’s, and make it long.
      While it might seem like 5 clue’s is long, it’s not. They’ll be done
      in less than 10 minutes. Make it more like 15 clue’s.

      At the “end”, have a box with the goodie bags as the prize, with
      enough so that each kid has one, and maybe a small gift for your son
      to unwrap.

      For the goodie bag/favors, shop the local dollar stores at least
      once a week to see what new stuff they have. Theme, if you get one,
      is the best way to look at new things. If it’s an army theme, pick
      up a few bags of those little green army men, and stick a few in
      each bag.

      Find bags of inexpensive candy (shop the day after
      Valentine’s to get stuff like hershey kisses, if the party is after
      that date), and stick candy in each bag. Have a few stickers, and
      some cool neon or metallic pencils in each bag, too.

      Don’t go over board on things like favor bags, because chances are,
      unless you are willing to spend quite a bit, the small objects are
      just going to be pushed aside for the candy, anyway.

      For a cake, you could make up one yourself, or pay big dollars to
      get one at a bakery. OR, you could make up a bunch of cup cakes, buy
      two tubs of white frosting, mix those into a few different colors,
      and find sprinkles at the dollar store. The kids can spend time
      decorating thier own cupcake, which will take time, involve the
      kids, and give them “cake”, as well.

      You could do this with cookies,
      as well.

      Between the scavenger hunt and the cupcake decorating, you might not
      even have to come up with another game at all. If you do want
      another one, make a pinata. Don’t buy one, those things are over

      You can make one using newspaper, paper mache mix (flour,
      water, and glue, I think?), a big balloon, and some paint for

      Hope this helps!

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