Birthday party gift bags

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      Rubber Duckies Walgreen’s had 75% off summer items we got a duckie (bigger than my 12 yr olds head) wearing a rain hat for $1.49, big character kick balls $1.49 if you knew shoe sizes they had cool flip flops and water shoes for $.49 to $1.49, mommy ducks with 3 babies for $1.49.

      At walmart you can get a big box of cheese or peanut butter crackers (as long as no one is allergic to it) for $1.67 or the same price for granola bars, indivual whale fish (like goldfish) or animal cracker packages and they also had earth friendly saying on tee shirts and onsies for $1.00.

      Dollar Tree has those cute kid print washclothes that are folded up in a tiny package that once you wet it unfolds, teddy bears in tan, brown & white and you can buy clothes and accessaries for them, girls trinket jewery, little dolls, big packs of plastic green army men, tan cowboys and indians, red fireman & blue policeman, books, puzzles, dvd’s and many other great ideas all for a dollar.

      And cvs is having a big ecb deal on candy use coupons and it is an even sweeter deal.


      — on wed, 8/13/08, pseuzanne wrote:

      From: pseuzanne Subject: : Birthday party gift bags
      Date: Wednesday, August 13, 2008, 2:03 pm

      My daughter’s 3rd birthday party is this Saturday, and I need help with
      the gift bags! I actually bought a pail and shovel for each child
      (cheap), assuming I could find something (also very cheap) to put in
      them. Somehow I’m just not coming up with ideas.

      The last couple years
      I’ve done bubbles, sidewalk chalk, and beach balls, so I’d like to
      think of something different. The kids are 3-4 years old. There will
      also be a few babies/toddlers.

      Am I supposed to have something for them
      too? It’s a Curious George theme, so I got excited when I saw small
      Curious George stuffed animals, and bought them for the little ones.
      After realizing they cost $7 a piece, I think I need to return them and
      figure out something else. Any ideas?


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