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      Goody bags are an “expected thing” which in mho are over rated and a waste
      of your good money. my kids know we never have them at their parties. we
      always make some sort of craft to take home instead and no one has ever

      you can find great crafts cheap (sold by the dozen) at oriental
      trading company, if time permits sign up for their newsletter as they often
      send “free shipping w/ $60 purchase” e-mails out. I order all my Homeschool
      / Scout and b-day stuff from them this way and save tons! I can check to
      see of I have one stashed in my folders and send it to you off list.

      BTW 35 kids WOW! That’s a huge party even if only half show up! We have
      the age + 1 rule, if you are 8 you invite 9 kids…good luck with that!

      hs-wahm to caila 9, Thomas 8, and Joshua 8 months. Married to the greatest
      pn in the us navy and my best friend for the past 13 years, praying for
      Chief this year, awaiting his return in 160 days (give or take a few.)
      Currently calling the Old Dominion state home sweet home. Pampered Chef and
      Tupperware Consultant, e-mail me for a sales flyer.

      Also known as: The
      FearLESS Leader.

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