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      > Better yet, what would we need to do to convert to propane?

      One of my cousins converted his flat bed truck to propane back in the

      early 70s. First, you have to have space for a tank. Then there is

      a conversion kit, not sure how much it is or how hard to install

      . One draw-back, if you

      make a long trip, you might need to refuel, and it’s not like pulling

      off the interstate and finding a gas station. One advantage is that

      if you have a good sized tank, you have a lot more miles to a tank

      due to the fuel being pressurized. Then there’s the disadvantage of

      what happens to pressurized gas in an accident, especially flammable

      gas. Most people don’t realize gasoline liquid does not burn, it’s

      the vapors that burn. Then what happens to the price of the

      insurance if you convert the vehicle? What about the insurance at

      the house if you have it in the garage? There’s a lot of things to

      check on before you do convert.

      BTW, my cousin is still driving that truck and right now he is

      *really* loving it.

      Ann in Arkansas

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